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Day Two in New York Saturday, December 18, 2010 @ 11:00 PM
Today, we hit up more famous spots in New York like the Brooklyn Flea Market, Chinatown, Times Square and much more. (We also stopped by SoHo District but I failed to take decent pictures! And Jessica took us to a super delicious ice cream place called "Sundaes and Cones," and again I didn't take any good pics.) Our feet were hurting so much because we were walking around nonstop from 8 am til past midnight!

Inside at the Brooklyn Flea Market!

One of the vendors in the market were selling these cool and green planters.

Another vendor with beautiful and natural items.

Super cute doll at the Hazel Village vendor. Looks just like Tobit!

Handmade items.

Vintage jewelry

Vintage cheese boxes.

Cute vendor with many vintage bags and clothing.

Super cute backpacks

Entrance to a subway. 
Somewhere near the Brookyln Bridge.
At the famous Grimaldi's Pizzaria! We waited "on line" (as the NYorkers say) for more than an hour because it's very popular.

Delicious and fresh pizza! It was worth the wait!

A different type of pizza but just as delicious!

My yummy slice! 

Chinatown is super packed and full of asians.

My cousin is making cotton candy after dinner at a Japanese restaurant. They give you a little cup of sugar to pour into the machine. It's so cute and clever.

Yay! We gave my cousin our sugars and so his cotton candy was much bigger.

Times Square! Very bright and packed with people.

Inside a giant Toys 'R Us store. To the left is a huge ferris wheel inside of the building!

Look at the array of M&M's at the M&M store. We bought about $36 worth of candy because we were excited and didn't see the sign that said $12 per pound.

This was taken right next to our Jersey City Hyatt Hotel. It's the Hudson River!

We are quickly moving on to Day Three in New York!


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