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Day Three in New York Sunday, December 19, 2010 @ 11:55 PM
Today was another busy and our final day roaming through the streets of New York. The only time we got to rest was in the subway. My feet hurt even more today and so I had to buy some comforting shoe gels...they work like a charm!

A delicious sandwich shop, Pret A Manger!
Here are our sandwiches! They were so fresh and good.
Me, trying to fit in to the New York background and our happy company walking in front.
Super cold, feet hurt, very little sleep.
Our wonderful and super awesome New York guide!
...and always fashionable and tres chic!
The place to get discounted Broadway tickets. Our tickets were half off!
My cousin and I tried to go into this playground but we were kicked out. In NY, you can't go in a park without a kid...but I still feel like a kid! Oh well...onwards ho!
Walking through more NY streets.
Endless height to the NY buildings.

At the Levain Bakery. We had to walk downstairs from the street to get into the tiny bakery. The window seen here is actually street level and we're below it.
The cookies from Levain Bakery were very moist and fresh. The darker cookie was peanut butter and the other is raisin oatmeal cookie.
Cool homes...very different from the ones back in California.
More cute housings.
Central Park
Strange leaf from Central Park.

A frozen lake in Central Park with large ice rocks on top.

Random unfrozen water in the frozen lake....with ducks!

Little walkway in the park.
Yay! Some nice European couple took our picture. (And the boat landing is under repair!)
We are about to walk under a strange wooden structure while our guide and my sister are way up ahead to the left.
Rabies Advisory!
Strawberry Fields in memory of John Lennon.
"Imagine War is Over" On the floor of the Strawberry Fields.
At the Momofuku restaurant.
Inside Momofuku it's very chic and small.
Yummy pork buns.
I dared to try tripe salad. It was actually quite tasty.
Pork bun close up!
Squid ball and mushroom soup.
Cotechino. It's like a sausage or something.
Apricot Sorbet
Quark Ice Cream
Metropolitan Museum. It's so huge inside. I think it's three times as big as the Ghetty Museum.
Strange but beautiful lettuce all over the place in NY.
Broadway! We watched Billy Elliot! It was so good!
Inside the theater, there were beautiful red curtains. And it was super packed and hot inside!
To the left a woman is taking a picture with one of the actors. I think he played the character Michael.
Here we are at Kyotofu, a Japanese eatery. I think this was a green tea drink. It was very smooth and yummy.
Another dessert from Kyotofu. The ice cream is a duel of coffee and eggnogg. On the side was some kind of red fruit sauce and pepero sticks.
Sweet tofu! I'm not a fan of tofu, but this was really good. It literally tasted like sweet tofu.
Sweet potato cake with ice cream. Yummy!
Kaiseki prix fixe. It's an assortment of 3 desserts chosen by the chef. In front is green tea cream brulee. In the middle is a cupcake, and in the back is tofu cheesecake. Yummy!
Green tea chocolate! Very good green tea flavor and not too sweet.
My silly sister in the subway on the way back to the Hyatt.
Inside the Hyatt is a view of the Hudson. We were able to see a tiny Statue of Liberty from here.

Yay! It's another great day in NY city. And it was our last day here :( I'm going to miss New York and can't wait to get back! Now we're on to Day Four in Canada!


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