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Day Four in Montreal Monday, December 20, 2010 @ 11:30 PM
We spent most of today sitting on the Amtrak from New York all the way up to Montreal, Quebec. It was a 10 hour ride and I slept the whole time. (I was trying to make up for lost sleep in New York). When we arrived in Montreal, it was already night time so we didn't get much touring time.
My sister was taking pictures as we passed by the Canadian villages. Look at all that snow!
Off the amtrak, we arrived at Montreal and while walking to our hotel we saw mounds of dirty snow.
Montreal at night.
Cool building and brightly decorated tree.
Inside the Best Western hotel there was nice decor.
On the streets of Montreal, looking for dinner.
Lovely Christmas decorations.
A really modern and tiny burger place.
Tiny kitchen.
Canadian money. They take American dollars!
Burger, yummy fries, and lemonade! And they had delicious sauces too like spicy mayo and wasabi mayo.

Our night in Montreal was so far so good! Now we're moving on to Day Five in Quebec!


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