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Day Six in Quebec City Wednesday, December 22, 2010 @ 11:30 PM
It snowed today! It was our first time seeing real snow! It's a lot different than I imagined because real snow is tiny and soft! Since it was snowing and we didn't know what else to do in Quebec, we took a tour bus to the countryside to see Montmorency Falls.

It's snowing but you can't really see it in the picture. We are walking to the tour bus that will take us to Quebec's countryside.
We're on the tour bus now and we took a picture of some strawberry farms and vineyards. It's all frozen over now.
We stopped by a chocolaterie and they had chocolate shaped as rats and frogs!
Here we are at the Manoir Montmorency.
Walking down stairs to get a better view of the Montmorency Falls.
The Montmorency Falls are taller than Niagra Falls but Niagra is much wider.
On the bridge over the waterfall.
The waterfall is quite yellow compared to the snow.

The beautiful bridge!
Happy to be in real snow.
...and throwing the snow at me.
Cousin attacked by my sister's snowballs.
Back on the tour bus, we passed by cute Quebec country houses. See all that firewood? That looks kind of cool. Also, Quebec houses are known for their roofs being slightly curved at the ends. It helps to keep the snow from falling.
A very old house that used to be bed and breakfast place, but now it's vacated. Looks kind of creepy.
We stopped by a famous copper art museum. This lady is the daughter of a famous copper artist named Albert Gilles. She showed us how they hand make their copper art. It's pretty neat!
Chez Marie is a cute bakery and maple product store. Their breads are handmade and baked in a 150 year old oven!
Delicious bread with maple butter!
We are now at Sainte Anne De Beaupre is a famous basilica.
View of the basicila.
Mother Mary in the snow.
Front view of the basilica.
See these copper doors? It's the entrance to the basilica and were made by Albert Gilles from the copper art museum.
The basilica's beautiful ceiling.
A ceiling of one of the rooms in the basilica.
Look at how big it's inside.
The tour ended and dropped us off back in old Quebec and outside there's a snowy view.
Inside a Quebec McDonald's. It's very clean and cute inside.
Ice skating in real snow! Because we stayed at the hostel, we rented our skates for only $2 each! Original price was 7!
Yay! I'm terrible at skiing, so I just sat most of the time.
We asked a nice Quebecoise lady to take a pic.
Cute dog who likes to ice skate!
My ice skating shoes.
I bought a disco ball from one of the Quebec stores and tied it up in our hostel. Looks nice?
My cousin with the disco ball.
Samchoon has to dance.
Our messy hostel table. My sister is pointing at cubby number 2.
The boys' side is super messy.
Our side is even messier.

Today was our last night in Quebec and consisted mostly of touring the countryside. On to Day Seven in Montreal Again


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