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Day Seven in Montreal Again Thursday, December 23, 2010 @ 11:34 PM
Here we are back in Montreal again. I guess we did a little circle from Montreal to Quebec City and right back to Montreal. But our first day in Montreal, we were only able to see the evening. But today, we toured through Montreal in the day time.

Well, this picture was taken still in old Quebec City. My sister wanted to get quick shots of a cute church near our hostel before boarding the VIA train back to Montreal. 
Ceiling of the church.
Back on the VIA train to Montreal, my cousin gave himself a reindeer tattoo.
My sister got a Christmas tree.
...and a Santa.
I was just sleeping.
Canadian cotton candy, which is where they got the tattoos
Montreal train station
French fry vending machine! 
Metro in Montreal
Waiting for the subway to take us to our Montreal hostel
Here's our lovely hostel!
Inside looks really hip and young with all the art on the mirrors. They had Jason Mraz and Keane music playing in the waiting room.
Apparently, this hostel was rated Canada's number one hostel for about 5 consecutive years. Yay!
They've got their own bar.
Free coffee while you wait.
Right outside our hostel.
School bus, because Canadian kids go to school until December 23rd. 
Sad. Someone's car was covered in snow and was broken into.
Cute housings in Montreal. Just look at those stairs! 
More beautiful stairs.
Lovely roof decorations.
Funny and youthful graffiti. 
Our lunch place called Rotisserie Romados. It took us about 30 minutes to walk here.

A funny truck with graffiti right outside the Rotisserie.
Line for the food.
They have a bakery here too. It looked so delicious.
4 sodas and 4 trays of fatty goodness. Each meal was only $7.
And voila! Bunches of yummy fries with salad, rice, and spicy tender chicken. So good!

...and they gave us free bread!
After lunch, we walked to Little Chinatown and it was little. It only lasted about 4 or 5 blocks.
Notre Dame!
Montreal's huge underground mall.
Walking through the mall was way too tiring. It's 5 stories and way too big.
Expensive but yummy ice cream.
Time for more dessert at Juliette and Chocolat. It's a nice little sweet shop.
Inside, it's crowded and small. 
Our first dessert was some kind of triple brownie layer with sauce.
Here's a hot milk chocolate. 
My dark hot chocolate was so creamy.
Here it is poured out. If I waited too long, it started to curdle.

View of the kitchen.
A milk chocolate and banana crepe.
A hearty spinach crepe. We had to sneak some ketchup on it.
Fruit and ice cream crepe! So big and yummy.
Us eating our food
Enjoying the sauce.
All gone!
On the way back to our hostel, we saw a store that said "Chez Geeks" which literally translates to "House of Geeks"

We came back to the hostel pretty early and played French monopoly. Luckily I can read French well and it was super fun! Of course, my cousin won.

This was our last night in Montreal, Canada. Most of Day Eight was spent on an airplane back home to sunny CA.


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