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Day Eight Time to Go Home Friday, December 24, 2010 @ 11:30 PM
It's time to go home. It was a sad departure from Montreal but we were still happy to get back to our warm Californian winter.

We're at the Montreal airport and it's time to go home. Looks like an astronaut walking scene.
Cool airport window decorations.

While waiting, samchoon bought us some gelato. Mine was called tiramisu.

Actually, mine was originally the mango one which my sister is eating. But we had to switch because she didn't like the tiramisu gelato.

Vanilla gelato.

On our Montreal plane, we had to stop by Cleveland, Ohio to switch airplanes. Too bad we didn't get to look around some more. One thing I'm bummed about was that I didn't receive a Canadian stamp on my passport. Oh well! Yay!!! Our adventure is now over. Home at last :)


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