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Day Five in Quebec City Tuesday, December 21, 2010 @ 11:30 PM
Bonjour! To get to Old Quebec City from Montreal, we took the 3 hour VIA train. Then we spent most of the day roaming around and window shopping. The language spoken here is mainly French and so my family was depending on me to help translate. However, I forgot all my high school French and so we walked around for a while until we realized most of the Quebecoise knew how to speak English. Hooray!
Right when we boarded the VIA train, we took out our stash of candy that we bought from NY. Candy for breakfast, yum!
I don't know what kind of candy this is, but it has a hint of ginger and it's surprisingly good!
The food trolley lady came around and stared at our candy stash. She couldn't believe that we were eating candy for breakfast. And so we bought 'real' food like coffee, bagels and orange juice.
This would never happen in California.
As we were passing by on the train, we saw these creepy trees with red leaves.
At the Quebec train station. Very darkly lit and cozy inside.
An art work made from metal chairs with inscriptions on them.
Nice street lamp.
Our train station from outside.
The snow serves as excellent lighting and it makes my sister's jacket look like it's glowing.
Tiny Quebec bus! It's so small and cute!
Walking to our hostel.
Quebec stores.
Very clean streets.
More stores.
We finally arrived at our hostel, Auberge internationale de Quebec! Auberge just means inn.
Lovely little Quebec flowers!
I couldn't but help take pictures of the doors around here. They're just so elegant. I love the look of this  pure black door with just a hint of gold!
Quebec housings and look at the cute blue door! It certainly has a European flair!
Haha, we were sooo lost.
Random huge red pots and Ghandi in the snow!
Horse carriage rides.
Really cool historic building.
My sister was attacked by snow.
Walking around some more, we were looking for lunch.
Even the Quebecoise use fake plants for winter decor.
Icicles formed because it was so cold.
My cousin broke off an icicle. 
Inside of a restaurant. The decorations were pretty strange.
Yummy bread.
Food at last! It was kind of expensive since we went to a fancy place.
Le Chateau Frontenac
The lamb says, "open" in French. So cute!
Outdoor elevator. We had to pay $2 for it but we were able to see a great view of Quebec.

A super cute street with lots of tiny stores.
Blue and yellow door!
Painting on a wall.
Le Chateau Frontenac again. It's so big and grand.
A cute restaurant called "Cotes a cotes," meaning coast to coast.
A cannon in the middle of the snow. My cousin put a snowball inside.
A small church called Notre Dame.
Another building with a cool painting on it.

Our first day in Quebec was great and Day Six in Quebec was even greater!


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