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Wine Country Road Trip Friday, June 17, 2011 @ 11:59 AM
Today was the first day of our three day journey up to northern California.

Jayoung Unni getting comfty for the long drive.

Winchester in San Jose. This was where we visited the Winchester House, which was kind of spooky and cool.

San Jose is a really nice city. There were lots of high end stores on this street. Kind of reminded me of 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

A bug flew in my mouth.

Myongon trying to avoid the heat.

Looking for places to eat.

It's very hot and I was wearing a fleece sweater.

We ended up eating at Viva Taqueria which got a lot of good reviews on yelp.
Nacho bar.

Yummy tacos!

Myongon's carne asada wet burrito.
My delicious enchiladas.
Huge burrito.
Outside pic of Viva Taqueria.

Drooling and sleeping in the car.

Peace! yeeee! :)
This cow was licking the metal fence.

Driving up to our campsite.

We are above the clouds. Isn't it just so beautiful?
Trying out the lighting.
This is like one of those back drops at picture taking places...except I fail at taking good pictures. haha :)
This plant was near our campsite. It means business man... freaking hurts.

Succesful tent and fire set up.
My sister acting like a deer.
My fire!
Jayoung unni found a huge wood stump that we labeled "pig."

Leftovers from lunch for dinner.
...ew haha

Cloud view as the sun goes down.

Myongon's face is so serious.
He stuck the s'more skewer on his glasses. smart.


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