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Wine Country Road Trip - Day Two Saturday, June 18, 2011 @ 11:09 PM
Here we are on the second day of our wine country road trip. All of us slept well in our little tent and we are ready to move on!

The fire was burnt out but still hot.
I don't want to get up....
Good morning!
Looks like prairie lands.
Haha look at our heads. yay!
Our reserved campsite.
Oak Point Campground. Hooray!
Bye bye Fremont Peak!
Morning cloudiness.
Looks like a scene from Kung Fu Panda.
Wild rooster and chickens.
Breakfast at Tiffany's....haha just kidding. Breakfast at Denny's.
Jayoung unni and me.
Pancake puppies!!!
Myongon's grossness. Coke for breakfast and ranch smothered all over his hash browns and eggs.
I poured cream into the syrup and it formed a skullhead...haha kinda creepy.
Now we're on College Avenue in Oakland, CA. This is kind of near UC Berkeley. We stopped by Pretty Penny which was a really cute and artsy fartsy thrift store.
On College Avenue, fancy little restaurants. There were lots of hipsters and hippies walking around (and crazy drivers).
Pegasus Books..didnt' get to stop by, but it was cute.
Inside of a bakery and cafe/market.
Jayoung unni waiting in line for coffee.

Outside of the coffee/market/bakery. It was called Peaberry's Coffee and Tea.
After getting back on the road, we stopped by a little fastfood place for a snack in Cloverdale. It's really hot and humid in Cloverdale. My sister said it feels like summer heat in Korea. I loved it!
My sister in pose!
Me holding the bathroom key, which was a spatula.

Look at that family of redheads. So cute!

Payce! Haha
We all haven't showered for a whole day. We're awesome.
I got a soft serve ice cream. Perfect for the heat.
yeeee! Can you read that red sign, "Best bacon cheeseburger in Sonoma County."
Burger and fries.
mmmm.. Jayoung unni got a yummy burger.
Myongon's strawberry shake was so freaking good and I don't even like strawberry shakes.
yeee! yummy.

Cool art statues everywhere.
haha huggggs not druggs.
Vineyards!!!! I've always wanted to see these in real life. The vineyards are not quite to their fullest size because it's still early summer, but it was still beautiful.

More vineyards and a lake. There were lots of tiny lakes spread out over the fields.

Awesome llama. Reminded me of Tobit.

Us in the redwood trees.

Myongon hugging the huge tree.

Here we are at our next sleeping stop in Mendocino, which was called Blackberry Inn. Basically we get a whole "building" to ourselves. And each building has different motifs. This one is the Sheriff buildings.
Here are the other "buildings"
And this is where we checked in.
Now we're headed towards our room.
Here it is! We got to sleep in the Barber Shop. Yayuh!
Cute little rocking chair with a nice blankie.
Free food. Everything was complimentary....unlike some hotels and what not. The banana bread and brownies were so good!
Beautiful writing desk.
I look like a granny.
He looks kinda crazy.
We look awesome.
Kind of reminded us of the bathroom in the Shrek movie.
We went up like 3 miles to Fort Bragg to look for food. Dude...this city sleeps early. There were only like 4 places to eat and it was kind of expensive too.

Store called tangents. harharhar. And also, people around here still rock the mullet. Business in the front, party in the back.
A weird picture in the Tangents store. Instant infant!
We ended up eating at a pizza joint called Piaci. It was an excellent choice!!! :)
Jayoung unni in Piaci's.
Us in Piaci's. See that door behind us? There was a really cute dog just sitting there. It wanted some piiizzzaaaa!
Our super delicious pizza. I think we got half toscano and half italian? Whatever, it was so good.
And their jalapeno sauce was yummy too. It had like a small bite to it and then it would hit you at the tip of your tongue. Kind of tasted literally like blended jalapenos with cream.
The beach near Piaci's. It was super cold.
And finally, back at our "Barber Shop," we ended the night playing Monopoly Deal.


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