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Wine Country Road Trip - Day Three Sunday, June 19, 2011 @ 11:10 PM
 Good morning! Today was the last day of our three day journey. Most of today was spent driving down the famous Pacific Coast Highway. It took a lot longer that way, but we were able to see the beautiful view.
Morning mass at a tiny Catholic Church.
Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church.

Barber Shop in the morning.

My sister using the fancy writing desk, pretending to be a doctor.

Gon in the rocking chair.

Jayoung unni and Blackberry Inn.

So green.

Pretty restaurant.

Beautiful view.

A toy shop called "Out of this world."

Beautiful mosaic chair.

Most of the stores we walked by were art galleries.

Myongon is sitting on a handmade chair. The artist's gallery/shop was somewhere on this street too.

The poppies here are beasts. Do you see that red poppy is taller than the car??? I can't even get my poppies to flower properly. haha.

Beautiful pink poppy enjoying the sunlight.

This is someone's house with crazy pretty flowers everywhere.

Here they put up a sign. haha so awesome!

Here's the wooden chair making gallery

These plants look so beautiful in the wind. They literally move like waves.

a lovely cave.
Seaside stairs.
We're at the bottom of the cave and stairs.
Myongon with a statue.
I'm a Pokemon!
Unni and ze ocean.

Gon on a stump
Flowing fields.
Unni is a prairie dog.
Jayoung unni! :)
Our awesome face picture.
Yay! A bit too bright :)
We ate ay Bayview Cafe for brunch. It had a lovely view of the beach and it wasn't expensive. ;)
Lalala. there's our waiter in the back. She was so calm and cool.
Orange juice and lemonade.
Unni's fish sandwich for brunch.

My breakfast. It didn't come with meat so we ordered a side of meat. so yummy!
Myongon always gets burgers.
Jayoung unni's yummmy sandwich.
Put the ketchup on!
He's sad without ranch.
Bye bye Mendocino!

We stopped at a little place to use the restroom on the way back down.
Here's the menu of the cafe we stopped by for a coffee break.

The cafe had cute decorations. They were probably handmade locally.
Here's our coffees and teas. My sister just got water, but our super cool barista added mango syrup (for free) to it and it tasted soooooooo good and fresh.

My blue canoe iced coffee was so good. It does not taste like a generic Starbucks or one of those chains. It had it's own unique taste and I loved it!!!!

Here's our barista! She was so genuinely sweet and kind. She's from Germany and she moved over to Sonoma County 9 years ago. Who wouldn't? It's so lovely up here! :)
The outside of the cool Blue Canoe Coffee and Tea. This is a must visit if you ever go up North.

Down the PCH.

Bathroom stop near the PCH. Gas prices are high.

We finally trekked down to San Francisco.
This restaurant is really popular on yelp.
But we didn't want to wait in the line so we ate here instead.
Trying to be fancy with the tea.

Our delicious dinner.

Right outside, there was a random chair in the road. Hooray!


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