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Fall Lettuce Harvest Sunday, October 3, 2010 @ 5:33 PM
The air feels chilly and crisp. The wind is blowing softly. The bumblebees and wasps are not floating around as much. Fall is here...

Although summer is officially over, I planted some lettuce so that I could have a late fall lettuce harvesting. The baby lettuce leaves are absolutely gorgeous and green.
Chilling in the shade, my early summer lettuces are still producing some lettuce leaves. My spinaches started to "bolt" so I think it's time to pull those out. ("Bolting" is when the plant has fully matured and is creating flowers to return to its seed stage).
And here's my little lettuce box that I built in June. This specific lettuce box was the most difficult box I've built so far. Usually I've been making raised bed gardens by hammering four wooden planks together. But since this design required some legs, I had to be extra cautious to make all the wood pieces perfectly equal in length. Then I had the trouble of attaching the legs to the box. Nevertheless it's been working fine and dandy for me so far.
This box below was built for my sister. She wanted to put cilantro in there but we ended up growing sunflowers instead. The sunflowers, however, did not survive long. But we did put some lettuce life into the box!
I used to think growing plants was near impossible since all my plants never survived. However, this summer proved otherwise. I've been looking for ways to grow plants inexpensively and organically as possible and I found that by reusing egg cartons, newspapers, and other types of available containers, it's not so hard to grow a cheap, fresh garden. Here, I'm using a washed to-go container to grow lettuces.
Et finalement, here are some juicy tomatoes that we planted in July. You can see the transformation of the colors from green to yellow to orange! Soon, they will be a beautiful bright red color and ready to harvest.


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